Financing for Small Businesses

The economic crisis hurt also developing countries

Responsible Food Consumption and Production

We want to transform our food systems to ensure that they will be fairer and more sustainable.

Environment and Energy

We need to clean the air and the lifetime of our coal mines is coming to an end

New Development

Here you find our archive of different articles on development issues both from the Czech Republic and abroad.

“Měj se k světu” initiative

This initiative wants to formulate common value approach expressed primarily through a shared vision of Czech society and strategic goals.


Czech Power Grid Without Electricity from Coal By 2030

This trend also has implications for the management of the power grid. The conventional logic of the power system featured ‚baseload‘ power sources covering most…

Mapping of Double Taxation Treaties with Developing Countries in the CEE region

Awareness about development dimension of tax policies is quite low among decision makers and government officials in the Central and Eastern European countries (CEEs). Assumption…

Taxes and the Czech 2017 Election

“Effective tax collection and the fight against tax evasion was one of the leitmotifs of the outgoing government coalition of ČSSD, ANO and KDU-ČSL. However,…