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Non-profit organisations offered their know-how in the preparation and implementation of the Czech EU Presidency programme

On the occasion of the Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU, Czech NGOs in the informal network of networks NeoN joined forces and published a joint document on the website of the Office of the Government offering their knowledge and experience.

Both Glopolis and other NGOs have experience, expertise and contacts that the Czech government and ministries can use during the Presidency. At the same time, in the published material, they present specific aspects of each of the government's priorities that they consider key within the government's priorities.

The material was produced following the May meeting of the Working Level Committee on the EU and the EU Committee of the Government Council for Non-Governmental Organisations on the political priorities of the Czech EU Presidency. In July, the Czech Government published it on its website. Glopolis took on the role of coordinator for the preparation of the document.