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Overview of 2021

In a team of 12 people, we managed a budget of 5 million.

We engaged over 80 experts and stakeholders from 30 companies, non-profits and government institutions in discussions on sustainable business (ESG), including 3 expert-led roundtables.

As part of Eurodad's European network, we helped engage 10 new organisations from Central and Eastern Europe in shaping a fair financial system in the world.

Together, we resisted attempts by the state and politicians to limit the involvement of non-profits in public decision-making, their functioning and funding, and we mediated joint action in 13 cases.

We have published 10 professional publications focused on corporate sustainability.

We published a practical Navigator that showed the way to more than 400 non-profit organizations (NGOs) to more effective strategic communication.

With 9 Czech, Hungarian and Slovak non-profit platforms we completed projects that helped them to move forward in their cooperation with different groups in their environment. We provided them with financial support totalling 142,000 Euros and an average of 30 hours of development and training for each platform.

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Sources of funding

Contracts and other

EU public funds

Private foundations

Other foreign public sources

Profit and loss statement (in thousands CZK)

Costs 5 164
Purchases consumed and services purchased 2 465
Personal costs 2 609
Other costs 90

5 185

Revenues from own performance and goods 1 428
Contributions (donations) received 130
Operational subsidies 3 627
Results 21