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O Glopolis

After a decade of action in response to global poverty, climate change, food and migration risks, and tax evasion, we have begun to see a strong reason for the broader problems in the fact that different social groups (not only in the Czech Republic) are not talking and working together enough. 

So we have moved from advocating for particularist views in campaigns, schools and policy to connecting - understanding critical challenges in a broader context, having more honest dialogue, building good relationships, respect and trust between different perspectives, finding common denominators and coordinating practical collaboration between different groups of civil society organisations, but also investors or officials, on challenges that cut across all of these groups. 

We believe that such cross-cutting collaboration leads to a more resilient polis - a model of society not only more internally cohesive but also more externally accountable.


Our vision and mission

We are Glopolis - an analytical and networking centre with 18 years of experience in research, education, monitoring and negotiating the public policies and coordination in the non-profit sector.

Our vision is a collaborative society in which diverse people work together in the public interest and which provides an enabling environment for such collaboration.

Our mission is to connect people and organizations to collaborate for sustainable democracy. We seek out and expand the field of shared aspirations of civil society organizations, government officials, politicians and businesses and engage them in solving societal challenges.

Key documents:

By adopting the Policy on the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults, Glopolis, o.p.s. publicly commits itself to protecting children and particularly vulnerable adults from all forms of abuse and maltreatment. We take it as our duty to ensure that our employees, activities or programmes do not cause children and particularly vulnerable adults any harm, promote mistreatment or discrimination.