Actual projects

May 2019–Apr 2022

Stronger Roots

Project aims at strenghtening the resilience and stability of the civic sector in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. It supports civil society organizations to build stronger relationships with their…
Jan 2019–Apr 2022

Infrastructure for Cooperation across NGO Sector (NeoN)

Sustainable development and free human activity stand on active and resilient civil society. Democracy and civil society get stronger thanks to mutual trust as well as thanks to cooperation between…
Mar 2019–Feb 2022

Eurodad – Strengthening Regional, European and Global CSO Umbrella Organisations

The project aims at strengthening the institutional, operational and representational capacity of the Eurodad network to undertake coordinated actions and advocate for policy changes that help ensure a democratically controlled,…
Jan 2015–Dec 2019

The World on a Plate Film Festival: Responsible Consumption and Development Through the Lens of a Camera

Food is a necessary condition for survival for all living creatures. It is not only an important part of our economies, but also the foundation stone of different cultural identities.…
Jul 2016–Jun 2019

STREFOWA – Strategies to Reduce and Manage Food Waste in CE

STREFOWA – Strategies to Reduce and Manage Food Waste in CE Throwing away food has a negative impact on many levels: most obvious are the social-ethical factors (to throw away food,…
Feb 2015–Jan 2019

We Eat Responsibly

We Eat Responsibly What environment and what society do we want to live in? And how do these questions relate to our food? Several times a day we contribute to decisions that are…
Jan 2017–Dec 2018

Enhancing Capacities of the Měj se k světu Initiative

The Měj se k světu Initiative in 2017 With the new strategic framework for sustainable development (called Czech Republic 2030), SDGs implementation enters a new phase. The framework defines strategic…
Jan 2015–Dec 2017

Impacts of our consumption of raw materials on people and the environment

Human rights violations, environmental degradation or land grabbing – are the main negative impacts of extraction of resources that we all use: oil, gas, coal, tin, tantalum, tungsten or gold.
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