“Měj se k světu” initiative – origins of CSO Transversal Cooperation

Měj se k světu initiative founded and coordinated by Glopolis brings together specialised platforms and important non-profit organisations in the field for collaboration on interdisciplinary and cross-sector challenges. The initiative’s member organisations agreed in a joint manifest on strategic goals and a common vision for the Czech Republic and pledged to support one another in the pursuit and monitoring of these ambitions.

Originally created as a contribution from Czech non-profit organisations in support of the fulfilment of the global sustainable development goals approved by the United Nations in 2015, the initiative is an association of prominent Czech specialised non-profit platforms and non-profit organisations which for 25 years have supported the needy at home and abroad, protected nature, strived for greater gender equality, provided education and advocated for human dignity. These organisations view these pursuits as an opportunity for cooperation across subjects and approaches.

The following organisations currently cooperate on the initiative: Česká ženská lobby, ČOSIV, DEMAS, FORS, Konzorcium nevládních organizací pracujících s migranty v ČR, PROUD, SKAV, STUŽ, ASTRA – Transparency International, Zelený kruh.

The main goal of the initiative is long-term support for an integrated approach to sustainable development in Czech society. Although the initiative is composed of organisations from various fields that devote themselves to different subjects, it isn’t just their non-profit status that connects them, but also their common values. These values reveal that partisanship and departmental bias are the main obstacles to sustainable development.

With its joint manifesto, the initiative attempted to formulate this common value approach expressed primarily through a shared vision of Czech society and strategic goals. The initiative aims to promote and monitor the goals, not only through its own activities, but also on the level of state administration and the private sector.