What can we do to ensure that the Czech Republic takes a constructive, balanced and realistic approach to immigration? At Glopolis we are studying the effects of the Czech approach to immigration in the global environment and looking for ways to help Czech society cope with the pressures and challenges of immigration.

At Glopolis we sense that the issue of immigration has become and will remain a major issue in the country. While the first shock waves caused by this subject have perhaps settled, many questions requiring long-term answers have emerged. On one hand these concern the deeper social frustrations unmasked by the explosive reaction from Czech society, while on the other they are related to measures that the country supports beyond its borders and their impacts on sustainable global development.

Our work on the subject of immigration is motivated by questions from two areas – internal and external.

What deeper frustrations and problems of Czech society are hidden behind the negative reactions of the greater part of the country’s citizens to the ‘refugee crisis’? How can we contribute to their resolution?
How can the Czech Republic contribute to a long-term solution to the deep causes behind displacement in the world?