Migration (program closed in December 2017)

How to support a constructive, balanced and long-term response to migration? At Glopolis we explore the impacts of the Czech approach to migration in the global environment and look for ways to help Czech society cope with the pressures and challenges of immigration.

At Glopolis we seek to contribute towards a more constructive and balanced response to migration – one that is guided by a well-thought long-term approach that takes a variety of interests into account.

So far, we’ve studied how Czech people think about migration (what are the main frames and concerns) – and what this means for how we communicate this sensitive issue (for more information, please see the project on Migration Narratives or the executive summary of the report “Why do Refugees Stur Up Our Emotions).

We’ve also analyzed the new approach to external migration policy in the EU and the Czech government’s contribution to addressing the roots of forced displacement in the context of sustainable development (for more information about the project and the resulting publication, please see here).