Palm oil certification – from partnerships to sustainability

Glopolis issued a publication on certified palm oil called "Palm Oil Certification - from partnerships to sustainability."

It is the most used vegetable oil in the world, but so few know aboutit. Who would guess that we consume palm oil on a daily basis? Whenasked if we eat palm oil, most people on the street would answer no –palm oil is used in some exotic cuisine, right? Little do they expect tofind it in half of the products available in their supermarkets,including in our shampoos, soaps and cleaning items.

Discussionson palm oil are intensifying – demand is growing and the impacts of itscultivation along with it: deforestation and destruction of invaluableecosystems in the main countries of produce – Indonesia and Malaysia –but increasingly also in other tropical parts of the world; landgrabbing issues; and marginalization of indigenous peoples dependent onthe forests for their living. Over the past ten years efforts have beenmade to curb such harmful practices by introducing certificationsystems. What exactly has been achieved over this time and is there afuture for mass consumption and ecosystem conservation to coexist?

To read more you can download the publication “here” soubor.