Fair Global Finances

Glopolis issued a new case study entitled “Fair Global Finances” which is part of the “Enhancing Policy Coherence, Making Development Work Better” project.

Development in Domestic and Global Politics

Development in Domestic and Global Politics Glopolis issued a discussion paper which deals with various approaches to development.Download the "Development in Domestic and Global Politics: Broader Streams of post-2015 Work" soubor

Development Aid is not Enough

Glopolis issued Development Aid is not Enough paper dealing with alternative policy approaches to poverty and powerless in the world.

New Development Concepts

Glopolis issued a new study New Development Concepts - The East Perspective which focuses on alternative approach to develepment. 

Czech Republic – The North South Country Profile

Glopolis issued a new publication Czech Republic - The North South Country Profile.

Globalization and Development

Glopolis issued a collection of essays Globalization and Development.

Trade and Development Coherence in Czech Republic

The United Nation's Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)represent ambitious and the most comprehensive endeavour of the internationalcommunity so far to reduce poverty and enhance equitabl e and sustainabledevelopment acr oss the…

Prague NGO Declaration: Transforming the world in crisis

Participants of the conference The world in crisis: Economies and policies for global transformation, have discussed for three days in Prague the root causes, impacts and responses to the financial crises,…

Reinventing the wheel

Briefing paper issued by Glopolis in cooperation with "nef": (the new economics foundation) Reinventing the wheel, which is related to introduction of a framework for discussion on building up new financial…

Money, Energy and Food under Control

Glopolis published a new study Money, Energy and Food under Control - The Responses of the Czech EU Presidency to the Global Crisis and Poverty.