Brochure Indonesia: Frying in Palm Oil

Glopolis issued a brochure "Indonesia: frying in palm oil". The brochure is accompanying material to the photo exhibition from fact-finding mission to Indonesia. 

When you hear the name of the largest Indonesian island, Sumatra, one imagines a dense rainforest teeming with orangutans and thousands of other species of exotic animals. Sadly, the reality is quite different today. The virgin tropical paradise is being replaced at an alarming rate by oil palm plantations. These vast plantations growing a crop intended mainly for export also take over land previously used to grow food for local consumption, thus threatening food self-sufficiency and the security of the local population.

Our team of volunteers set off to Sumatra to record the impacts the cultivation of this monoculture has on the environment and the local community.

“We often fail to realise how our lifestyle is linked to events on the opposite end of the world. Palm oil is a perfect example of this
interconnectivity. Without even being aware of it, the majority of us consume this product in various forms every day.”

Vendula Kratochvílová, project ambassador and member of the fact-finding mission to Indonesia

Here you may download the brochure “Indonesia: frying in palm oil” soubor