We Eat Responsibly

What environment and what society do we want to live in? And how do these questions relate to our food?

Several times a day we contribute to decisions that are shaping ourselves, our neighbourhoods and the Planet. We Eat Responsibly aims to be a guide on journey through global food system towards own responsible choices and feasible positive solutions.

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Main goals of the We Eat Responsibly project:

  • Is supporting teachers in embedding responsible food consumption topics into their lessons
  • Is developing critical thinking of pupils and students, supporting their activities towards responsible changes at schools and in their neighbourhood
  • Is increasing awareness of parents and larger society on global impacts of our everyday choices

How does change happen?

  • 1800 teachers and tutors are developing their knowledge and skills in understanding to links between food production, changes in society and environment and quality of our life
  • 550 European Eco-Schools are running yearlong educational program on responsible food consumption topics
  • 65 000 pupils and 25 000 students are looking for opportunities for responsible changes in their menu as well as in their neighbourhood
  • Inspiration and innovation is being shared at International Forum
  • Website is providing information on responsible food consumption in 11 languages

Main activities and outputs in Czech Republic:

45 schools get involved in the second year of the project. During the school-year they explore six topics of responsible food consumption and go through 7 steps of Eco-school methodology using 7 Steps to Responsible food consumption handbook. Based on analysis in school cafeterias and households Eco-teams consisting of students and teachers choose the most burning issue they want to tackle during the school year. They create plans of activities and organize action days for parents and broader public where they present and explain chosen topic.

Project manager and contact person: 

Tereza Čajková, cajkova@glopolis.org

Project duration:

February 2015 – January 2018

Project funding:

Overall budget of the project: 1 703 848,- €

Project donors:

European Union
Czech Development Agency

Project partners: