Migration, Climate Change and Wider Context

This project aimed to offer a complex perspective on migration and forced displacement, including the role of the climate change, and based on consultations formulate recommendations for the government.

Project Goals

The aim of this project was to raise awareness about the relationship between various global issues, including climate change, and migration to the European Union among selected target groups in the Czech Republic. The resulting publication offers a complex perspective on migration and forced displacement in the context of sustainable development, including the role of climate change and climate and development policies. The publication maps the current approach to migration at the national and EU levels, including the wider strategic context, new tools of external policy and specific contributions towards solving the migration crisis, as well as the roots of forced displacement. It warns against the disproportionate focus on short-term migration policies – and the risk that especially development and climate policy conditionality may pose to long-term sustainable development.

Based on consultations with selected groups (experts, NGO representatives, politicians and policy-makers) a set of recommendations for the government was formulated. These recommendations cover the response to the current situation, but attempt to go beyond the (so-called) crisis and address the more long-term challenges of migration and displacement.

Main Activities

  • Expert round table (consultations of the planned wider approach to migration and general recommendations)
  • Seminar for NGO representatives (discussions of the current policy context, including the approach of the Czech Republic, risks and opportunities for sustainable development, and the proposed recommendations)
  • Analysis and recommendations for the communication of migration-related issues
  • Authorship of publication, incl. the formulation of recommendations

Main Outputs

  • publication titled EU and Czech External Policies on Migration and Forced Displacement: Strategies, Tools and Recommendations (available only in Czech)
  • executive summary with recommendations for the Czech government