Enhancing Capacities of the Měj se k světu Initiative

The Měj se k světu Initiative in 2017

With the new strategic framework for sustainable development (called Czech Republic 2030), SDGs implementation enters a new phase. The framework defines strategic tasks for sustainable development both within the Czech Republic and beyond its borders – and puts in place mechanisms for more integrated and long-term decision-making. The Měj se k světu initiative, an inter-disciplinary umbrella structure for eight NGO platforms and other network organizations, has been actively participating in the preparatory work on this framework. On the basis of its jointly negotiated vision and strategic priorities, it has contributed to the formulation of the government’s proposal and provided qualified feedback. From 2017 onward, the project is going to focus primarily on the implementation of the Czech goals for sustainable development – especially on NGOs’ own contribution in the form of voluntary commitments, pilot projects and institutional capacity-building for monitoring of goals fulfillment, active coordination among NGOs, government and other actors, and communication of strategic goals and practical realization by NGOs.

Main Goals for 2017

The project’s main goal is to strengthen inter-disciplinary partnerships among NGO networks from the Měj se k světu Initiative and enhance their capacities for monitoring, coordination and communication on the occasion SDGs implementation in the Czech Republic.

Aktivity a výstupy

  • Active coordination among initiative members: Regular coordination lunch and communication with members
  • Seminars on pilot project and voluntary commitments to SDGs implementation in cooperation with KEHYS, a Finnish NGDO Platform to the EU: At this seminar, the Finnish system of voluntary commitments is going to be introduced, along with pilot projects and other ways of SDGs implementation, including policy coherence for sustainable development. This experience-sharing will be followed by a discussion among NGO networks from the initiative on the possibility of formulating such commitments. Forms of institutional support for the implementation of the strategic framework Czech Republic 2030 by NGOs is going to be also discussed.
  • Active participation at the meetings of the Government Council for Sustainable Development of the CR: NGOs’ participation in the governmental processes regarding sustainable development continues to be important. The initiative is going to contribute to the finalization fo the strategic framework and subsequent preparation and realization of the implementation plan, also by participation in the respective governmental processes and meetings with relevant actors (primarily policy-makers, but also business, unions, etc.).
  • Preparation of a monitoring system for the Měj se k světu manifesto strategic goals, including the identification of suitable data sets to be followed
  • Pre-election activities: A debate with political parties on the fulfillment of long-term sustainable development goals in the Czech Republic