Food Waste Hackathon Prague

During the weekend of 21 – 23 April 2017 the first Food Waste Hackathon in the Czech Republic took place. The program kicked off with Friday’s public opening attended by more than 40 people, who learned about the main problems associated with food waste. The weekend part of Hackathon was intended for those who wanted to participate on developing a mobile and web application that would help solve the given food waste challenges. This section involved 14 visionaries, designers and programmers, who were divided into 3 groups.

Friday: Three food waste challenges

  • Věra Doušová from Food Bank Prague presented the first challenge: how to streamline the distribution system between banks and their clients and save more food, while giving their clients the opportunity to gain a broader understanding of the story behind the food they receive.
  • Yana Pancheva of Tesco Stores Czech Republic raised the topic of retailer problems with the efficient distribution of food to food banks from smaller shops and supermarkets.
  • Tereza Čajková from Glopolis focused on ways in which applications can support responsible consumption education at school level and help students understand the global dimension of food waste.

Saturday and Sunday marathon

Saturday’s program began with a joint breakfast and brainstorming on how to tackle the problem of food waste in the Czech Republic. The Hackathon participants then picked out 3 ideas to work on during the weekend.

The teams started to work.

And they worked all Saturday and Sunday.

Just because the size and shape of these bell peppers was not perfect they were rejected by retailers and were meant to get thrown away. We saved them in cooperation with Zachraň jídlo. And Mlsná Kavka made a great lunch from them.

Three teams, three apps

The first team and their application, called “Předáno” (Delivered), responds to the efficiency of food donation at the level of sellers, food banks and charities. The goal of the application is to ensure effective communication between the three groups in economic and environmental terms. A simple application that helps to better communicate the needs of food banks, charities and retailers would greatly improve the course of food donations.


The second team focused on food surplus at the consumer level in households and stores. In particular, it focused on monitoring food expiration and food sharing as a way of building communities. Food sharing is a concept that helps people and small businesses inform other users about food surplus and how to share it. The application has combined the possibility of food selection and possibility of  food sharing. Also it has not forgotten to include tips on how to store it at home or recipes for its preparation.

The third team worked on an app called “Eco To Go” to create effective links between restaurants and their customers. In restaurants, surplus meals are one of the current problems. This app aims to link restaurants with customers so they can buy these surpluses at a discounted price.

And the winner is…

The application “Předáno” (Delivered) was crowned the winner of the Food Waste Hackathon Prague. Its aim is to deal with the distribution of donated food between retailers, food banks and charities. This application was honored because of its solid plan for further development, good structure and great impact in the context of the food waste challenges in the Czech Republic.
The pleasant surprise of the evening was the announcement by the Vodafone Foundation that all three teams are given the opportunity to continue working on their designs and compete for the completion of the application under the 2017 Laboratory Acceleration Program of the Vodafone Foundation.

The awards

We cordially thank our partners and sponsors for their support and gifts! Thanks to them we were able to offer the Hackathon  participants prizes for their hard and tireless work:

  • Mobile phone and ipod (Vodafone Foundation)
  • Lunch boxes, drinking bottles and cloth bags (IKEA)
  • IKEA voucher and Certified Organic Coffee (IKEA)
  • Trashmade Jewelry and T-Shirts (Vodafone Foundation)
  • T-Shirts, Notebooks and Sunglasses (

During Hackathon, we enjoyed delicious coffee break snacks provided by IKEA and Mamacoffee, which helped us keep our energy levels high!