Glopolis is a non-partisan, non-governmental organization which focuses on the analysis of economic globalization, trade, development, agriculture and climate change.


Survival of the richest: Europe’s role in supporting an unjust global tax system 2016

Annual report on tax transparency produced by civil society organizations in countries across Europe.


Palm oil certification - from partnerships to sustainability

Glopolis issued a publication on certified palm oil called „Palm Oil Certification - from partnerships to sustainability.“


Booklet How our plates make the world go round

Glopolis released a booklet titled How our plates make the world go round.

How the world makes our plates go round

Myths and Legends From the Unknown World

Glopolis releases a publication focused on myths connected with developing countries.


Briefing paper: Limited Access of Small-Scale Food Producers to Markets in Africa

Glopolis issued an introductory briefing paper called „Limited Access of Small-Scale Food Producers to Markets in Africa: What Should Be Changed?“


Briefing: Responsible agricultural investment

In the occasion of Committe on World Food Security session in Rome Glopolis is publishing a briefing on responsible agricultural investment which is one of the main issues discussing during this forum.

Brochure Indonesia: Frying in Palm Oil

Glopolis issued a brochure „Indonesia: frying in palm oil“. The brochure is accompanying material to the photo exhibition from fact-finding mission to Indonesia. 

Brochure Indonesia: Frying in Palm Oil

Family farmers for sustainable food systems

A synthesis of reports by African farmers´ regional networks on models of food production, consumption and markets


Food Security and Agricultural Trade in Kenya

Glopolis issued a new study „Food Security and Agricultural Trade in Kenya: the Impact of the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) on Food Security of Poor Kenyans“.

Food Security and Agricultural Trade in Kenya
Cover of the study Understanding the Raw Materials Strategies of the EU

The Czech Republic: a small player in a big field. How to trade better in favor of food security

A new infosheet of Glopolis cotributing to the debate on coherence of Common Agricultural Policy with development goals of the European Union.


Combating the Resource Curse in Zambia

Glopolis issued a new study on the possible causes of the resource curse in Zambia.

Combating the Resource Curse in Zambia Cover

Ethiopia's food insecurity - EU policies, food flows, climate change and land grabs

Glopolis released an impact study focusing on Ethiopia's food insecurity and European policies within the broader context of food flows, climate change and land grabs.

Ethiopia's Food Insecurity

Fact sheet: Factors for ensuring food security in Africa

Glopolis has published anew fact sheet on factors for ensuring food security in Africa.

Factors for ensuring food security in Africa

Women and Agriculture in Africa

Glopolis issued new briefing paper on the role of women in African agriculture.


EU member states on the road towards more policy coherence for development

A recently published study „EU member states on the road towards more policy coherence for development“ examines the hitherto process of implementing Policy Coherence for Development (PCD) and suggests several steps towards further success of PCD.


Land Grabs in Africa

Glopolis issued a Land Grabs in Africa - Threat to Food Security paper.


The Impact of the European Union´s Raw Materials Policies on Poor Countries and Emerging Markets

Glopolis issued The Impact of the European Union´s Raw Materials Policies on Poor Countries and Emerging Markets study.


Practical Steps of the Czech Republic Towards Policy Coherence for Development

Glopolis issued a study focusing on how to use practical steps and existing mechanisms to streamline select decision-making processes in the public administration of the Czech Republic.

The European Investment Bank - investment in development?

Glopolis issued a study The European Investment Bank - investment in development?


Hunger - The nightmare of millions

Glopolis issued a briefing paper focusing on the roots and characteristic of hunger in the world.


How to engage in the EU Presidency

Czech Forum for Development Co-operation - FoRS and Glopolis issued a report which summarizes the main recommendations and findings from the pre-presidency workshops held in Prague (June 2010) and Warsaw (Novemeber 2010).


Fair Global Finances

Glopolis issued a new case study entitled “Fair Global Finances” which is part of the “Enhancing Policy Coherence, Making Development Work Better” project.


Development Aid is not Enough

Glopolis issued Development Aid is not Enough paper dealing with alternative policy approaches to poverty and powerless in the world.

New Development Concepts

Glopolis issued a new study New Development Concepts - The East Perspective which focuses on alternative approach to develepment. 


Czech Republic - The North South Country Profile

Glopolis issued a new publication Czech Republic - The North South Country Profile.


Trade and Development Coherence in Czech Republic

The United Nation's Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) represent ambitious and the most comprehensive endeavour of the international community so far to reduce poverty and enhance equitabl e and sustainable development acr oss the globe. The last Millennium Development Goal calls for a Global Partnership for Development.

Prague NGO Declaration: Transforming the world in crisis

Participants of the conference The world in crisis: Economies and policies for global transformation, have discussed for three days in Prague the root causes, impacts and responses to the financial crises, economic meltdown, climate change, mismanagement of natural resource use, increasing inequity and volatile food and oil prices from the systemic perspective of the world's poor and vulnerable.

Reinventing the wheel

Briefing paper issued by Glopolis in cooperation with nef (the new economics foundation) Reinventing the wheel, which is related to introduction of a framework for discussion on building up new financial system oriented on sustainable and equitable economy

Money, Energy and Food under Control

Glopolis published a new study Money, Energy and Food under Control - The Responses of the Czech EU Presidency to the Global Crisis and Poverty.

Grand plans, money and falls

New study Grand plans, money and falls - seeking values and answers in the financial crisis.

Food or Fuel?

New briefing paper of Glopolis Food or Fuel? The potential of biofuels to put millions of poor people at risk and cause irreversible environmental damage.

Coherence of Czech agriculture and trade policies with Development Goals

The paper Koherence české zemědělské a obchodní politiky s rozvojovými cíli (PDF, 302 KB) (available only in Czech) deals with the coherence of Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) of the European Union and agricultural trade policies with the development goals. It points at the main negative impacts of CAP and trade on developing countries and its causes, and introduces possibilities on how to strengthen the coherence of Czech mechanisms for creating agricultural, trade and development policies.

Fair competition and responsible liberalism for the Czech EU Council Presidency

Glopolis issued the briefing paper „Fair competition and responsible liberalism for the Czech EU Council Presidency“. 

How to enhance coherence in the Czech Republic

The United Nations‘development goals for the new millennium prove to be ambitious and up to now the most complex effort of the international community to reduce poverty and attain equal and sustainable development around the globe.

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