Glopolis is a non-partisan, non-governmental organization which focuses on the analysis of economic globalization, trade, development, agriculture and climate change.

New Economy and Finance


Delegation from Colombia aiming to gain support for revision of free-trade agreements in Prague

Invitation to the lecture "Lives and Human Rights of Poor Colombians"

On April 18th Columbian delegation composed of trade-unionists and members of human-rights organizations will commence a three-day visit of Prague. Glopolis has organized meetings for the delegation’s members with representatives in the Parliament of the Czech Republic, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Industry and Trade, and Czech-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions. The delegates will also speak at Charles University in Prague and in Czech media.

New Issue of EU Financial Reforms Newsletter

More than two years after the financial crisis hit Europe, financial reforms are far from over at the level of the European Union. This January new EU supervisory bodies started operating. The EU took some legislative decisions last year, most which will only become operational in the member states in the coming years. For instance, the directive to regulate hedge funds will only be implemented after two years.

Economic priorities – the triumphs and failures of the Czech presidency

One of the main priorities of the Czech presidency was the financial crisis and the pursuit of effective solutions. The economic and financial department of Glopolis focused efforts on making sure that the economic priorities of the Czech presidency took the needs of developing countries into greater account.

FoRS & CONCORD recommendation to development ministers

FoRS, the national platform of development NGOs in the Czech Republic, and CONCORD, the confederation of European Development NGOs representing 1600 organisations across Europe, are calling upon EU Ministers meeting at the informal meeting in Prague 29–30 January to uphold commitments on financing for development and systematically address the impact of the global financial and economic crisis on developing countries. 


The Great Multiplier Debate: Options for Fiscal Stimulus in the Czech Republic

Glopolis issued a policy brief dealing with options for fiscal stimulus in the Czech Republic.


„The Financial Crisis Five Years On. Stimulus vs. Austerity“ Study

Glopolis issued a new study on financial crisis and a debate between fiscal austerity and fiscal stimulus.


Understanding the Raw Materials Strategies of the EU

Glopolis issued a new study on raw materials strategies of the EU.

Cover of the study Understanding the Raw Materials Strategies of the EU

The Impact of the European Union´s Raw Materials Policies on Poor Countries and Emerging Markets

Glopolis issued The Impact of the European Union´s Raw Materials Policies on Poor Countries and Emerging Markets study.


The European Investment Bank - investment in development?

Glopolis issued a study The European Investment Bank - investment in development?


Fair Global Finances

Glopolis issued a new case study entitled “Fair Global Finances” which is part of the “Enhancing Policy Coherence, Making Development Work Better” project.


Globalization and Development

Glopolis issued a collection of essays Globalization and Development.


Prague NGO Declaration: Transforming the world in crisis

Participants of the conference The world in crisis: Economies and policies for global transformation, have discussed for three days in Prague the root causes, impacts and responses to the financial crises, economic meltdown, climate change, mismanagement of natural resource use, increasing inequity and volatile food and oil prices from the systemic perspective of the world's poor and vulnerable.

Reinventing the wheel

Briefing paper issued by Glopolis in cooperation with nef (the new economics foundation) Reinventing the wheel, which is related to introduction of a framework for discussion on building up new financial system oriented on sustainable and equitable economy

Money, Energy and Food under Control

Glopolis published a new study Money, Energy and Food under Control - The Responses of the Czech EU Presidency to the Global Crisis and Poverty.

Grand plans, money and falls

New study Grand plans, money and falls - seeking values and answers in the financial crisis.

World in Crisis: Securing economies and resources for poor countries

Glopolis and ActionAid present their joint reaction to the official programme of the Czech Presidency. 

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