Glopolis is a non-partisan, non-governmental organization which focuses on the analysis of economic globalization, trade, development, agriculture and climate change.

New Development Agenda

This is the result of efforts for a global, trans-disciplinarian and inter-sector approach by Glopolis. It offers alternative definitions and ways of achieving social (and common) goals for the poor and rich countries of a mutually linked world that faces grave differences in life quality, limited resources and new opportunities as well. This set of emerging questions critically reflects upon both the current (no longer just the West's) vision of growth and measurement of prosperity, as well as upon the hitherto approach to development collaboration, whose long-term results are extremely partial and often controversial.

Since its inception in 2004, Glopolis has strove to come up with a critical and comprehensive approach to the problems of globalization and development. It focuses on mutual relations between the rich North and poor South, including the role of the Czech Republic and EU. It seeks a common denominator between key global problems (in particular among the food, energy-climate, financial and economic crises) and poverty. It endeavours to maintain an active dialogue between the non-profit, government and private sector. And it works on the practical implementation of concepts such as policy coherence for development, a human-rights based approach to development and an integral, systemic approach.

The core of the new development agenda lies in the most comprehensive analysis and constructive recommendations for transformation, and a positive synergy between domestic and external policies (CR and EU), whereas the differences between them are increasingly being erased. Our development goals do not require only developing, but also developed countries. Key reforms pro greater control by the poorest inhabitants over their lives and sustainability of global development are necessary both in the governing of individual countries as well as in international (especially economic) laws. 

In light of the systemic nature of the problems and the need for an alternative vision (for a paradigm) Glopolis considers it important to devote itself to a public and professional discussion on the development, enlightenment and reaction of markets, companies and consumers to global problems. It is also clear that the first practical results can only be achieved and tested under specific local conditions.


From charity to human rights-based approach to development

Fishing in Senegal

According to the very old saying, attributed to Lao Tseu [1], „If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach him how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime“. But what if this man, or actually this woman, is simply prevented access to the pond or river?


Development in Domestic and Global Politics

Glopolis issued a discussion paper which deals with various approaches to development.

Download the Development in Domestic and Global Politics: Broader Streams of post-2015 Work (PDF, 499 KB)


Development Aid is not Enough

Glopolis issued Development Aid is not Enough paper dealing with alternative policy approaches to poverty and powerless in the world.

New Development Concepts

Glopolis issued a new study New Development Concepts - The East Perspective which focuses on alternative approach to develepment. 

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