Glopolis is a non-partisan, non-governmental organization which focuses on the analysis of economic globalization, trade, development, agriculture and climate change.

Energy and Climate Change


The Impacts of Biofuel Production in Developing Countries


In recent years African countries have enjoyed interest from abroad, thanks in part to a great amount of available land apparently ideal for cultivating crops for providing food security and for the production of biofuels.

European speaker tour on climate change

Nicholas Milton in Prague

An article on the first part of Practical Actions European speaker tour on climate change written by Nicholas Milton.

NGOs Send Open Letter to European Commissioners on Biofuels


On 2 May 2012 the European Commission met to discuss the European biofuel policy, more specifically the problematic issue of high carbon emissions connected to indirect land use change (ILUC). More than 100 NGOs from all over the world, including Glopolis, signed an open letter to the European commissioners calling for the EU to put measures into place to avert the negative impacts biofuel policies have on climate change.

Francis Namu Njoka: Western investors are aggravating the food crisis


European policies in support of biofuels have unfortunate consequences – western firms are taking over land in Africa to cultivate crops such as jatropha, essentially destroying local agriculture in the process. “These firms are creating a very poor impression of western countries in the eyes of Africans. People are alarmed over what could happen next,” says Francis Namu Njoka, a Kenyan biofuel and biomass expert.

The Risks and Opportunities of Renewable Energy in East Africa


What is the role of renewable energy sources – especially biomass, biogas and biofuels – in Africa? Can renewable energy sources make a significant contribution to future development in Africa? What are the pitfalls and obstacles to renewable energy sources in Africa and what is the outlook for change? Answers to these and other questions were sought by Glopolis during the week from 12 March till 15 March during which a series of seminars and discussions for students, professionals and the general public were held. The keynote speaker was Francis Namu Njoka, a renewable energy expert from Kenya.

Energy in East Africa


Poverty refers not only to one’s economic situation, but also to other factors that influence life. Especially in the past years the term “energy poverty” has become more common.

Conclusions from the biofuel seminar


On 14 December 2011, the Glopolis analytical centre in cooperation with the UN Information Centre held the seminar entitled Biofuel: Opportunities, Risks and Impacts on Developing Countries.

Fact sheet: UN Climate Change Summit in Durban


Glopolis and the Czech Climate Coalition have issued a fact sheet on the approaching United Nations climate change conference in Durban, South Africa (28 November – 9 December 2011).


Biofuels - Food or Fuel?

Glopolis issued a briefing paper related to the issue of biofuels.


Climate Change and Technology transfer

Glopolis issued a paper on climate change and technology transfer. 


Practical Steps of the Czech Republic Towards Policy Coherence for Development

Glopolis issued a study focusing on how to use practical steps and existing mechanisms to streamline select decision-making processes in the public administration of the Czech Republic.

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