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NGOs Send Open Letter to European Commissioners on Biofuels

On 2 May 2012 the European Commission met to discuss the European biofuel policy, more specifically the problematic issue of high carbon emissions connected to indirect land use change (ILUC). More than 100 NGOs from all over the world, including Glopolis, signed an open letter to the European commissioners calling for the EU to put measures into place to avert the negative impacts biofuel policies have on climate change.


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The increased demand for biofuels in the EU contributes to land grabbing, deforestation and increasing food prices. The European Commission has thus far postponed its decision whether to exclude biofuels with higher greenhouse gas emissions than fossil fuels from EU mandates. It is mainly ILUC that is the culprit for the higher carbon footprint of some biofuels. It is therefore paramount to include ILUC emissions when calculating carbon footprints to know whether the sustainability criteria of biofuels are met.

Read more in the Open Letter (PDF, 69 KB)

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