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Fishing and migration in Cape Verde - An EU policy coherence study

Glopolis' Portuguese partner Instituto Marquês de Valle Flôr released as part of the joint project aimed at strengthening European policy coherence with development goals  a paper focusing on the impacts and coherence of European policies on development in CapeVerde.

The study critically reflects the usage to consider Cape Verde as an example of succesful development cooperation and focuses on - mostly with reference to the importance of fishing and migratition for the Cape Verdian economics -  possible impacts of the intended reduction in Development Aid provided to Cape Verde.

The Portuguese written study with an English written summary Cabo Verde, Pescas e Migrações – A outra face da moeda: o impacto das políticas da União Europeia em Cabo Verde is available on-line.

Czech summary (PDF, 561 KB) can be downloaded too.

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