Glopolis is a non-partisan, non-governmental organization which focuses on the analysis of economic globalization, trade, development, agriculture and climate change.


Enhance public debate about global problems

  • Broaden the understanding and information about globalization in the Czech Republic
  • Raise awareness on the connection between global policy and domestic issues. 
  • Contribute to the cultivation of critical analysis and to the development of Czech political consciousness. 
  • Exert pressure on relevant political and economic institutions – including the media – in order to raise awareness about globalisation issues. 
  • Take part in educating and increasing the number of Czech globalization experts in order to improve Czech competence in handling global issues. 

Analyze globalization

  • Create a net of local experts and a professional background for their work
  • Serve as a reliable source of information for political authorities, experts, government institutions, non-governmental organizations, media, private sector and schools
  • Analyze crucial events, international institutions and important processes.
  • Observe and explain the links between international relations and their consequences on the local environment
  • Analyze the policy of development, trade and globalisation and its impact on the Czech Republic.
  • Provide educational material for students and young people in order to deepen their knowledge and help find employment within the Czech Republic.

Co-create the Czech answer to global problems

  • Facilitate the mobilization and cooperation between organizations concerned about Czech civil society
  • Establish a professional cooperation with similar institutions in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • Analyse and define our own political goals providing alternative concepts to the undesirable changes in Czech and European politics
  • Define our own proposals permitting us to participate in European and international debates.
  • Develop solutions to emerging problems created by globalisation.
  • Contribute to creating a new Czech foreign-policy identity based on; responsibility, an active approach to European foreign policy and the challenges of globalization
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