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Zpráva Survival of the richest: Europe’s role in supporting an unjust global tax system 2016

Společná výroční zpráva o daňové transparentnosti z pera evropských neziskových organizací.

Survival of the Ritchest

Survival of the Ritchest

After a wave of international tax scandals, the group of European governments in favour of greater tax transparency is finally beginning to grow. However, the battle is not yet won, as a number of governments remain opposed.

Meanwhile, on the issue of stopping tax dodging by multinational corporations, the picture is more worrying.
Despite the LuxLeaks scandal, the number of secret ‘sweetheart deals’ between European governments and
multinational corporations is skyrocketing.

European governments also continue to sign very problematic tax treaties with developing countries. These treaties can help to facilitate corporate tax dodging and impose restrictions on tax systems in developing counties. The bottom line is that these countries keep paying a high price for a global tax system that they did not create.

Sadly, this report shows that the vast majority of decision makers in Europe remain strongly opposed to the idea of giving the poorest countries a seat at the table when global tax standards are decided.

You can find the report here (PDF, 2 MB)

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